Los Angeles, CA

Tell me a little about yourself and what you’ve been up to recently.

My name is Chanelle and I’m a online vintage clothing store owner, blogger extraordinaire, contributing writer, social media manager and dancer (just to name a few). Lately I’ve been working on getting my newly launched beanies out, working on a few projects with some brands for Coachella and attending a boot camp 3 days a week. I’m a little bit of a health freak!

What were you doing two hours ago? What’s your typical day like?

Two hours ago I had just finished my boot camp class, made some breakfast and attended a preview for a collection. My typical day starts as this one did, with boot camp and making food. After this it varies, a lot of times I attend events (like I did today) to view collections for the upcoming seasons or a launch of a new product etc. I’ll take some photos for my blog, have meetings, head over to a brand’s HQ for a project or I will be chained to my computer for the next 10 hours of the day working/writing.

How would you explain your style?

Edgy with vintage elements that is ever changing. Some days I feel like being really grunge but other days I just want to slip on a dress and wear my hair in braids. That’s the beautiful thing about fashion, you can be who ever you want, whenever you want.

Who are some people who influence you or you look up to stylewise?

Lately I think I’ve been gathering most of my inspiration from editorials (past and present) and fellow online shops.

As for some real life people that I’m always inspired by, it would have to be Edie Sedgwick, Cara Delevingne, Grace Jones, and Kelly Kapowski.

As for bloggers, I also love Enocha from Locks and Trinkets, Bebe Zeva from Fated to be Hated, and Stephanie from Honey & Silk.

What are you into right now? Music? Movies? Clothing? Design?


Right now for music my friends Classixx are doing some amazing things, I love everything they put out. I’m also really into jazz, Brazilian and some good ol’ 90s hip hop.

As for movies, I’m not a big movie buff but I just caught up with Game of Thrones and I pretty much consider those like little movies each week. I joined the cult and I too, am obsessed. I also love Real Housewives of’s my guilty (but not so guilty) pleasure.

As for clothing I love the edgy turn that every brand is taking, I feel like it’s right up my ally. Flatforms, beanies, all over prints and matching sets are just a few things I can’t stop wearing.

Tell us about the beanies you made.

Can you tell us about the trip you and Christian took buying clothes?

Yes! It was definitely a highlight of my life and I would love to do them more often.

We started off in LA and took the back highway all the way up to Chico, stopping in every small town we could find. I used an app called “Thrift Buddy” to help me find local thrift stores so we weren’t aimlessly driving and we shopped away.

The thing I loved most about this trip is I literally hand picked everything, if I didn’t find anything I liked in a store, I didn’t buy anything. If I found one thing I liked, I bought it and we moved on. When I sold these clothes, it made the whole experience very personal and special.

How do you usually find your pieces?

I find my pieces all over place; locally, on trips I take, Goodwills, thrift stores etc. My favorite type of piece is the hard to find pieces that aren’t right in front of your nose anymore.

Thrifting is a lot harder than it used to be because it’s become a big trend over the past 8 years or so, so everything is really picked through. When you find those pieces it’s like you won the lottery.

I shop with a lot of things in mind; is it on trend? Is it rare? Is it older than the 80s (believe it or not, that’s even hard to find now)? Do I like it? All these things will tell me if it will sell. A lot of times it’s a gut feeling as well.

Do you love Los Angeles? How does it compare to other places you’ve been?

I have an undying love for Los Angeles.

I was born and raised here and it really is an amazing place if you really scratch below the surface of the Hollywood/tourist bullshit.

Once you live here or are taken around by a local you get into the inspiring aspects of the city and really see that it’s like no where else. I think it’s different than any other place because the city has the elements of multiple geographical locations in one place: mountains, ocean, gritty city and the dessert.

There is so much opportunity here and people are actually really nice. Also, we have the best Mexican food in the country and no one can top it.

What are you most proud of? Work or otherwise.

I think having a billboard with my photo + blog up in Times Square, (launching on New Years Eve even) thanks to Forever 21, being able to tour Asia with an Taiwanese pop star for three years as a back up dancer was also a huge goal that I accomplished in my life.

What's good for the future?

This year I really want to try to get my own line going. This has been a goal of mine and my boyfriends since we graduated FIDM and I think this year is the year. Other than that, growing my blog and online store, meeting more brands, fellow bloggers and fellow creative people and making beautiful things happen.

Chanelle Laurence

by the good ones mag

Los Angeles, CA


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Chanelle Laurence

A fashion blogger living in Los Angeles, Chanelle spends her time dancing, driving to different thrift stores all over California and writes for the Penelope Times.

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